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Imagine a place where you could always find the most important information and the absolute best way to accomplish things that matter, curated by thousands of people who are as passionate about living a full life as you are.

That’s what we imagined too.  And why we created Guides.

Millions of people every day are researching similar topics from millions of sources.  Searching, filtering, and taking the best decisions based on what they can learn.  Now imagine if we could pool all that research and knowledge into one place to help us expand our knowledge, be more creative, and find better ways to live and work.

We’ve got a massively ambitious goal to create & curate guides on all the things that matter in life -- from career & business, personal health & well-being to creative social change & community development -- to help all of us live a more meaningful, impactful, and sustainable life.


What do you mean by “Guides that matter”?

We realize the term is subjective, which is why we’re asking people to submit requests for guides on our “Community Request” page where members can vote up guides they think are important too.  We think what matters are topics that aren’t simple or obvious (like how to tie a tie, or stuff a turkey), and are actionable -- they help us make a positive change in our life, like planting a community garden or finding ways to be more engaged in life.  But that’s just us :).


How does it work?

Guides are created and shared by members on topics based on their experience, knowledge, or research for a specific project or goal.  Guides are never “done” because new and different ways to do just about everything emerge every day.  Which is why participation is so important.

When you use a guide there’s three things you can do:

  1. If you love the guide let the original author and contributors know!  We all love knowing when someone appreciates our experience and knowledge.
  2. If you had an opinion on something or notice how content can be improved, let the author know by leaving a comment or “flagging” the content as outdated or incorrect.
  3. Get involved.  Offer to help collaborate on a guide by notifying the author.  The more people that are involved, the more thorough and updated the content will remain.


Why are you doing this?

We’re entrepreneurs and tinkerers.  We love the feeling we had as kids when we accomplished a new skill or task -- one we didn’t think we were capable of -- and we love seeing other people experience that feeling too.

And we believe we live in a very special time where the convergence of information, technology, and communication should enable us to accomplish so much more on so many important topics.  Collectively we can push our individual and shared potential so much further to discover new ways to live beautiful lives.


Want to learn more or chat?

We’d love to hear what you think and how we can improve.  Drop us a line at hello@guides.co.


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